Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sunday, and a BB Camp memory

Well, this morning I was out with Garvaghy and St John's Dromara, leading services there as the rector is on holiday. Thankfully the services went reasonably well, with a very warm welcome from the churchwardens and organists in both places. the choir was absolutely brilliant in Garvaghy, and were very good at chanting - they would put the Cathedral choir to shame!

And even better, I knew people in both places, which was good, as it meant it wasn't completely strangers, and even better, one of my friends came along to St John's to support me!

This afternoon we went out for a drive, and I managed to get mum lost several times out in the country between Drumbo and Temple, and Temple and Saintfield, and Saintfield and Ballynahinch. And the weather is far nicer here at home than it ended up at camp - no wind at all, so my shorts might get another wearing up in Tyrone this week!

Perhaps the funniest memory from camp was the Tuesday morning 'beauty salon'. I know this will seem a bit random, but tolerate me on this - it will turn out hilarious! The girls at camp had got showered and all, and were sitting in the marquee doing their hair, when they hatched upon this great plan to spike my hair - to see how it looked...

So anyway, they had finished their own, but then they did David Calderwood's, putting some gel in it, and putting it up, which turned out not too bad. But then, as they were working on mine, David noticed in the mirror there was a wee bit of hair that didn't go up, right at the front of his face, so he asked for it to be cut off. Hehe. So they cut that wee bit of hair off, so as not to spoil his hair, but disaster - it turned out that with his hair up, there was a bit of a white line round the top of his face, and this bigger bit where that hair had been. what happened next was slightly traumatic, and you shouldn't read if you are at all disturbed by strangeness, but David got some sort of foundation make-up muck put on, to cover his white bit! So much for the tough farmer image! Now, to be strictly fair to him, he did wash it off again virtually straight away, but he had asked for it in the first place!

Then, my hair being finished, and not looking too bad (I have since invested in gel for 'rare' occasions when I'll do it), Bryan was next, but he was less willing, to the extent that three fellas had to land on top of him and hold him down while Heather put it on his hair!

Oh yes, and talking about Bryan... we all think he looks very like Aled Jones (thanks to Trevor Johnston for pointing that out!), so being in Wales, we kept winding him on it most of the week. The best moment, though, was being in this sort of Welsh shop, selling all sorts of things Welsh, including books and flags and stuff. We came across a cd of Aled's, and the women behind the counter laughed along as we teased him about being Aled, and wanting his autograph and stuff! I currently have forgotten the camera lead, but when I get it, and get this year's camp photos on the web, you'll see what I mean!!!


  1. i do not look like aled jones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Bryan..i've never met you but you've been pointed out to me in photos!To be honest i think you do look like Aled Jones! A little teddy from Wales has even been named after u!

  3. There is a major resemlence between Bryan and aled jones