Friday, July 01, 2005

First day of holidays

Well, let me see... what happened today. I started my first day of the holidays with a long lie-in, then afterwards, went with mum and dad towards the Cregagh Road, where I spent a long time in the upstairs theology section of the secondhand bookshop... then from there we went to Bob Stewart's for lunch - this is a good place in Drumbeg, which does fine meals, and plenty good servings.

We then got a text from Neil, saying he wanted lifted form his place of work today - La Salle Boy's School, off the Glen Road - so we went looking for it, and drive about, after having found it and not wanting to sit in the one place too long in case we looked suspicious!

Since then I have just been ganshing about, and getting a sermon done for Sunday night on Philippians 1:1-11. No doubt it will appear here in due time, but I think I'll wait until after it has been done, rather than disclosing it beforehand. Not that any of the 8pm congregation will probably be reading this, but I'll keep it til then!

But I'm feeling just a little out-of-sorts tonight, seeing that Summer Madness is going on, and I'm not at it. But that will change tomorrow and Sunday when I call in. I hope it's good and that our young people learn lots through it. But I'm looking forward to London, and I couldn't have done both. So here goes!

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