Monday, July 04, 2005


Hi folks... just a quick posting from London as the other 2 guys are waiting on me!

Today has been a long day, having left the house before 4.30am and then being on the go all day... The conference has been good though.

We got a bit of a shock, though as there are only 10 students on the conference, so it's all very close together! The first session also was a shock, as we had to do an exercise where we had 3 minutes to prepare a sermon based on a text, to bring out the main points of each passage (for 5 passages...) with feedback to the person next, and then answering questions put by the speaker.

The other sessions have been heavy as well, but there is plenty of stuff to be learnt and it has already been well worth while. I'm now ready for sleeping though...

Another post will follow later in the week hopefully...

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