Thursday, July 14, 2005

Dublin venturing

Today I was in Dublin! I took mum and dad down to the city, and we went along to the college, to let them see around it. By good providence, when we rung the doorbell, the Principal answered the door, so we were able to get in round it.

My room will be Number 2, so I won't be too far down the corridor! However it turns out there is only going to be 6 in our year, so it will all be fairly intense.

After that, we went down into the city and I wandered about for 3 hours and not spending much at all.

Tomorrow I will get ready for camp and then Saturday I head off to BB Camp in Wales. So no more posting for a week or so probably.

Please pray for BB Camp, that it will all go well, and the boys will encounter the living Christ; and for me as I prepare to take the morning services in Dromara and Garvaghy the Sunday after camp...

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