Saturday, July 23, 2005

BB Camp part one

This is going to be a very quick random thought exercise as I'm on to check emails and find an illustration for tomorrow's sermon in Garvaghy and Dromara... good old google and the Antique's Roadshow website! I'll explain all another time!

BB Camp went very well this past week. So many laughs and memories... From the big bus not starting on the HSS when it got to Wales (for which poor Trevor our driver got a powerful slagging all week), to the antics of the UUP (United Unionists of Prestatyn), the WUP (Wales United Party) and even a visit from the Prestatyn branch of the Isle of Wight Concerned Residents Supporters of Garvaghy, we had it all. [If that last bit means nothing to you, I'm very sorry, but it would be impossible to explain quickly - possibly some time if I get to thiking about previous camps. Let's just say it is a long running 'entertainment' between the junior officers and some of the senior ones to arrange banter and hilarious parodies of political situations...

Some of the activities included the usual football, table tennis, cricket and volleyball (in which I managed to play without busting my ankle, and in which the officers remained unbeaten all last night in games against the boys!), as well as trips to Chester (well, some of the junior officers went on the train to it anyway), and Alton Towers. The boys and some officers also engaged in 'ropeworks' (which was a big climbing type thing up high with ropes and stuff), and coasteering (basically wet bouldering along the coastline).

But the most important thing was that the Word of God was proclaimed to the boys morning and night. It fell to me as Chaplain to do a series in the evenings, and we looked at the 'I am' sayings of Jesus from John's Gospel. Pray now that the word proclaimed by the other officers and myself would be seeds planted in the hearts of the boys, that would grow to maturity in Christ as they reflect on their time in Wales with the BB.

So now it is bed for me, as I need a good night's sleep before taking services tomorrow morning and evening... please pray for me too, if you happen to read this before the services all finish at 8.45pm or so.

I'll add more stuff, and also the photos when I get time...

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