Sunday, September 25, 2005

Day Two

Day Two is coming to an end, and again, it is all going well. Today we had breakfast, then morning worship, then a reflection session looking at the issues we're facing, and ways to cope with them, after we had introduced ourselves.

This afternoon we had the afternoon free, so I went out for a walk along the Dodder River, which flows along behind the college. And you'll never guess what I encountered in the river... a rhinocerous! Well, okay, it wasn't a real one, but it was a metal statue type thing of a rhino in the middle of the river... very unusual!

This evening we had the opening Communion service, after the returning students arrived - they all seem to be a good bunch, and we're getting to know them, which is all good! Then since, we have just been chatting, although Compline (a short service at the end of the day) is in about 15 minutes, so I'd better go and see what is happening.

Tomorrow the fun stuff begins, with us getting various introductions and then going to Overseas House for stuff.

Earlier I got talking to Stephen on msn, so it's good to still have those contacts with the parish while I'm away - and we're sorry to be saying goodbye to Neville Willerton, who is moving to England, to Shrewsbury to work in a church plant. But I hear that as a leaving present he got a photograph of the Healy goal against England (Neville being English), so he can remember that famous moment for a long time! (So long as it isn't used on the dartboard in the church plant!


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  2. Hey Gary.
    Good to hear that you're settling in well. I'll be in touch soon. Praying for you. God bless. Lyns. xo

  3. Great to hear you are getting on well

    - there ya go someone is willing to pay you 50 dollars an hour to work at home mmmm...