Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Oh dear me! I knew I wasn't entirely fit, but tonight has been a revelation! Some of the guys from church have been playing indoor football in the hall for a while now, but with being in Newtownstewart i could never get. But now, with living at home for 2 weeks I have my opportunity! And am I suffering for it now...

My legs are sore, I'm still catching my breath, and my face is as red as get out (apologies to anyone not from around Dromore who won't get that 'analogy' but I like it, so I'm going to use it! Just imagine me saying it in my almost country accent...). The rough 'aul boys' even managed to draw some blood on my left arm, from grabbing me so hard, but I'll manage!

On other matters, a big thank you to Scott for making his maiden comment (from my knowledge), and also thank you for clarifying your PhD subject... to my mind it will always be buses!

And in Belfast they're still rioting because of the Orange parade... thankfully I was out of the city by the time it was happening today - I wouldn't want to be caught up in anything.


  1. Don't spammers on your blog comments just annoy you? I have to delete them every once in a while from mine.

  2. hehehe red faced Gary did u look like a hairy tomato??

    I had no clue wot ur bus man said so a PHD in buses it is!