Sunday, September 18, 2005


Ok, so here goes... a bit of an update:

Yesterday was the Autumn Fair, which seemed to go very well with a decent crowd about it, and plenty of banter. We raised about £2500 so far, which was well worth it, as well as the benefits of having people from church working together and having a place to come together for a few hours of fun. I took a number of photos, which will be available later on the photo website...

Then I was in Hillsborough for a walk round the Lake in the forest with some friends, where I happened to bump into Gareth and Ruth from Magheralin - was good seeing you again Gareth - seeing as you read it, I might as well address you personally!

Last night I was down in Dundrum for the evening. It was the DDYC Young Leaders Weekend, for leaders from the diocese to come together for some craic and thinking through some of the issues relevant to us. Sadly I couldn't make it for the whole weekend, but I enjoyed the time I was there. The session looked at happiness and fulfillment, then we had dinner, which was rather good although a bit spicy for me! After that there was the grand music quiz, with many rounds - I ended up taking part in two of them for our team - the humming round, and then the Sing Star round... where I did a bit of karaoke type singing against Dave Neill, and managed to win! I will never be able to forget 'This Love' by Maroon Five! It was so high by the end of it that I was screeching!

This morning after the service, we got a photo took of the choir and clergy, seeing as it is properly my last Sunday in the Cathedral as a regular parishoner... from here on in I'm an ordinand and might not be about the cathedral so much, as a few invites come in as well as a few planned visits to other churches in other places and weekends away... Below you'll see the photos, two of them, because in one, Jeanette is missing, and in the other, David is obscured by my big head!

Back row (L-R): Very Rev Stephen Lowry, Rev Trevor McKeown, Scott Mackey, David Falconer (organist)
Middle row: Dorothy Burns, Louie Watson, Lorna Burns, Rita Russell, Donna Wallace, Gary McMurray
Front row: Jeanette Adair, Kirsty Wallace, Deborah Wallace, Judith Reain, Lynn McFarland.

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