Thursday, September 29, 2005

Dromore again!

It just seems so good to be back in Dromore again tonight. I can't really explain it, and it will probably sound all strange, but it is good to be here! Firstly, the reason I am in Dromore. We in first year have no classes tomorrow, so all our year group (with the exception of one, who is living in), decided to head home for the weekend 'early' and get our head showered!

The journey home was rough enough. Maybe I was slightly naive, but I thought the traffic in the centre of Dublin would be cleared up by about 6.45pm or 7pm... but it was bumper to bumper going nowhere in about Camden, heading towards Dame Street, still on the southside of the river. So I tok a series of diversions in round wee streets (frankly not knowing much where I was for most of it), ending up in Crumlin, and getting out to the M50... where the traffic was again going very slowly.

Another question: Why is it that no matter which queue I join at the toll bridges (and I normally go for the quick drop-your-money-in-the-bucket lane), it will always go slow, probably because someone has dropped their money on the road, or they don't put enough in or whatever???

It's not that I'm not enjoying Dublin - it is great being with lots of people - actually, I'm enjoying the community and eating meals with people better than I imagined I would, and I'm enjoying having my own wee space, my own room in Dublin, where other students can drop in and chat, or from whcih I can go and chat in other people's rooms. But it's nice to be away from the atmosphere for a few days - it can seem intense always being around lots of people.

Come Sunday night it will be back down again - next week we're doing a module on Communications, including making a 'Thought for the Day' type radio programme, and some sort of audio-visual presentation! Now that should be interesting!


  1. easy life, being a student!!

  2. Glad to hear you are getting caught up in lots of traffic jams, it's bound to improve your tour guide skills!

  3. Hi gary

    Are you sure JEH wasn't in front of you in the queue. He never seems to have enough money or dosn't want to pay. If you ever see him in the queue, go to the other one.