Monday, September 26, 2005


Today we had out intro to staff, the course, the library, then met with representatives from lots of Mission Agnecies working across and beyond Ireland. It was a good meeting, and the lunch was also great!

This afternoon I was free, so checked out the LUAS service into the city centre. Now, I won't be teaching you Irish words every time - as this is about the full extent of my own Gaelige - but luas means 'speed'. And it is indeed a reasonably speedy service - within half an hour I had went from St Stephen's Green to my room in college. I also took the opportunity to meet up with a friend from uni for coffee, which was good as we hadn't seen other in a while. But then, the good Dublin weather broke, and the rain wasn't ordinary! Very heavy... so by the time I had walked the mile from the LUAS stop at Windy Arbour (sounds very grand, doesn't it) to the college, I was like a drowned rat!

My night time patterns are getting there - although I have been waking at odd times the past few nights - 5.30am one night, and a couple of times last night!!! But they will settle down, and at least I haven't been sleepwalking yet!


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