Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Halfway through week one

So here we are on Wednesday afternoon of week one, and what a busy week so far!

Some of the highlights include having my own space in the college, my room which has posters and things from home, which is good - it's somewhere to retire to, and relax and reflect. The mealtimes are good as well - decent food, and I've been able to sit with different people at most mealtimes, so that I get to know most of them. I've also been elected as Year Rep, which is basically the representative or councillor for the year group.

Today we were out for an almost sort of retreat day in the mountains overlooking Dublin, and it was a great venue to be away from college for a wee bit, and to continue in our learning out there.

I'm finding it an interesting experience with the three chapel services per day - they are normally a variety of morning prayer, evening prayer, compline, praise services, and last night there was sung compline. That was rather interesting, but a bit hard to get into the way of singing the whole service.

But we're still in the first pre-term week, and lectures are still a week and a half off... we'll see how it goes then.


  1. I have nothing to sell or buy, but glad dublin is going well.
    God Bless

  2. Gary

    Hard to believe that this is you away now and in Dublin...... how we miss you and your emails during the day and always being on MSN..... but apart from that, glad that you are settling in well and making new chums.......

  3. Chapel Services ???

    Have you forgotten, or is that what they call it down there?

    You would have been better turning to be a Presbyterian.

    Guess Who