Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A whole rake of stuff!

Warning! This posting will be about a whole lot of random stuff thrown together, just as I think about it, and to update you on various things!

Firstly, a word of congratulations to Doctor Scott Mackey, who heard yesterday that he has passed his PhD in buses! Well, it was really about rurual disadvantage and transport, but it is basically buses! So if you ever need to know the time of a bus from Ballygobackwards to Aughnajiggert, then Scott is yer man!

The photo is of a landmark in Strabane - on the site of the former 'Camel's Hump' security post at the border crossing between Strabane and Lifford. they are locally called the 'Tinnys', but the official name is 'Come to the Dance'. It is 5 figures, one on the fiddle, one on the drum, one on the flute, and two beginning to dance. Anyway, the reason I have a picture of it is that last night was my last time of border-hopping to Lifford to get petrol for probably a right while... and with the good weather, I stopped to get a photo of it. So here it is!

Then last night I watched 'White Chicks' which was quite funny. But it didn't help get my packing done! So that is still awaiting me... but there'll be plenty of time. I'll do some tonight, and some on Thursday night. Why none tomorrow? Well, because I will be too busy watching Northern Ireland thrash England at Windsor Park!!!


  1. When the Tinnys first appeared at the Strabane/Lifford border crossing, stories abounded of unsuspecting taxi drivers who were called out at unearthly hours of the night to collect the Tinnys who would be waiting at the Camel's Hump to be taken to their destination! Apparently, or so the stories go anyway, many taxi companies fell for the trick in the early days but I doubt that happens any more.

  2. Great picture gave me a little giggle, an Primroses story also...

    wow a phd in buses!! whatever next?

  3. You should see the tinnys now.

    They are all wearing rather large Tyrone outfits.