Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Exam Four

So there we are... the fourth exam has been done, and we just have Church History to do tomorrow morning. Yeah, that's the nightmare, cos we had New Testament this afternoon and back to college and cram for the next exam straight away, and then the early start for the morning exam!

Today's exam went quite well, and I managed to get four questions that I could answer (yet again).The questions I answered were: Section A (Mark): Comment on the following with respect to Mark 5:21-41: a) the sandwich literary technique and b) distinctive Christian theological terms; and The Gospel of Mark is the story of human failure. Discuss. Section B was on the rest of the New Testament, so the answers I did were on: The distinctive Johannine features of his Passion Narrative; and Discuss the idea of Christian ministry from the Pastoral Epistles. I'm well happy with the answers I gave. So let's hope tomorrow morning goes well too... and then we're home!!!

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