Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Final exam!!!

So there we are, the final exam has been done! As I wrote this morning, there were three sections, and we had to do one from each, and an extra one depending on which we wanted. In the reformation section, I got two questions I really liked: To what extent was the English reformation an act of state? and The failure of the reformation in Ireland is one of the questions in early modern Irish history. Identify and analyse the main contributions to the debate.

The early period had one question I was fond of: How significant were the Christian persecutions in the Roman Empire? The medieval period, though, was the nightmare, and was my weakest topic... The three questions were on Charlemagne's attitude to churches and especially St Peter's in Rome; a discussion of whether Ireland in the period 600-1169 was indeed the land of saints and scholars; and something else I can't even mind now... I ended up doing the saints and scholars one - had an hour to do it as I had the others ones done quite quickly, but just about got two pages of blether and waffle done... Let's hope the other three questions were strong enough!

The end of first year beckons, although we still have our viva voce (oral) on our pastoral work tomorrow morning - although due to an anomaly in the Dublin University Calendar, and the way the course has been structured, we can't be failed in pastoral studies if we mess up the interview! So there isn't really any pressure... it's just a friendly chat with the Principal!

Then tomorrow night we have our closing Communion service of the year, and then a barbecue over at the Principal's house... then it's up the road north! And that is first year at the Church of Ireland Theological College complete!


  1. so you have made it through bro! well done i hope it hasen't been to institutionalising for you??? we will have to have a chat soon! maybe see you on sat nite at Church house! Stotty isn't on "Hell" or eternal punishment so hopefully we will be fit to listen to him!

  2. Gary

    Congrats!! For the record, it's been good having you around this year for the craic and the fellowship. And so I have someone to insult!

    That said, I am looking forward to leaving you for pastures new: I've said it all along - I will miss the PEOPLE of CITC. Mostly!! ;-p

    Adrian D