Friday, June 02, 2006

Home and all...

So there we are, I'm home and all and 'free' for almost the next four months!

Yesterday was my last day in Dublin, and I had my viva voce (oral) in the morning. We looked at the sermon I had prepared for homiletics class, talking about such things as resources to be used, how I had prepared the sermon, and the things I think I need to become more skilled in preaching. We then discussed the pastoral visit element of our course, and how the visits had went. All in all, the oral seemed to go well, and nothing to worry about!

The afternoon was then spent trekking up the stairs a few times, carting my furniture and books and sundry items up to my new room - 21 - in preparation for September. In the evening, then, we had our final Communion service of the year and then a quare dinner in the Principal's garden. Alan and me then got packed up, and it was up the road north and home, arriving just after midnight!


  1. Didn't you find the closing communion service so very moving?

  2. So very moving... yes, to tears of laughter. Just one example will suffice - the Principal's opening prayer:

    'O God most high, who endured with virtue and grace the Blessed Virgin Mary...' - she must have been quare and hard to put up with if God had to endure her, rather than endue her!!!