Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Wedding

So there we are... yesterday we celebrated the wedding of Scott and Donna Mackey, six years after they first started going out! I was privileged to be Scott's best man, and enjoyed sharing the joy of the day, and getting a behind-the-scenes peek at what goes on at weddings!

The service was great, with some well known hymns, two anthems from the below-strength Cathedral Choir (six of the choir were in the Bridal Party) sounded really well, and then Maeve sang the recessional. We then had a bun-fight in the Cathedral Hall, before moving on to the Stormont Estate for photographs, and then the Stormont Hotel for the wedding reception.

Thankfully my speech seemed to go well, and that was nearly all the duties of best man completed - except for dancing with Kirsty, the chief bridesmaid. The other speeches were good too - especially Harvey, who was worried about it beforehand, but did well. The party then went on until the early hours, with a LOUD disco, which was good craic.


  1. For Bun-fight read: Buns with lots of strawberries and grapes in, and Brie and Grape sandwiches! Phoar!!

    Was a great day, and Gary looked the most emotional of them all. And Gary I saw you snigger during the bits about 'bodily union'. You child.