Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Lynsey, will you marry me?

Well, the day has arrived, the question has been asked, and Lynsey has agreed to marry me - we are engaged!!!

The events of today started several weeks back, of course, when I asked permission from her parents to marry, then we went shopping for rings. After looking at lots and lots, we finally got one. But the asking was still a surprise, as Lyns didn't know I had it in my possession (as we waited on the right size).

So today we went for a drive, and started off crossing Strangford Lough to Portaferry. We called in at the aquarium, seeing all the wee fishes etc, and even got to hold a starfish! We then came away from there and went along the coast road to Dundrum and then inland to Tollymore. By this time, the rain was really heavy, but we set off for a walk anyway... and we as started off, we got a text from Standeley saying that he and Sarah had got engaged today! Congratulations to the both of you!

We walked on, and came to the Hermitage, which provided some shelter from the rain, and I popped the question, bringing out the ring. The answer was yes - thankfully! Hehe! So then this evening has been the visiting of the parentals, and the grandmothers to inform them of the news... a busy time indeed!


  1. so gary, you will have to let us know exactly how long you and lynsey have been going out!! it must be longer than you are letting on!!

    Enjoy your engagement as the big day (whenever it will be) will come round really quickly and you will wonder what all the fuss was about. we reccommend the stormont as your reception (remember what i told you at th top table on saturday!! jersey is nice as well!!


    Scott & Donna

  2. Well COGRATULATIONS to you both! I'm really excited for you even if I'm most disappointed I didn't get a text at the time to inform me of the big news, but I'll excuse you on the grounds that you did leave me a not-so-subtle bebo message!

    More soon,
    Primrose, the not-engaged one!

  3. Congratulations Gary and Lynsey!!!
    Sarah and I are very happy for you both!! We couldnt believe it when we heard that Gary and I had popped the question on the same day!!! Great minds think alike!!!

  4. Awesrome news Gary, Congratulations to you both!!

  5. Congratulations to you both.

    I once heard the best man at a wedding tell the groom you will always have a long and happy marriage so long as you remember those three little words,

    "You're right dear"

    Hope to see you next week.

    Best wishes


  6. Gary

    Is the ring shown on the photograph actual size?

    Will Lynsey be able to have a career in Surgery with such large fingers.

    Seriously- Congratulations.