Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sunday and Monday

Yeah, I know I'm a little behind in my postings, and haven't been updating as much as I possibly could... but here's a taste of what I've been up to:

Sunday was a busy enough day, but very pleasant, all said. I was over in the parish of Magherain again, preaching (as the sermon in one of the recent previous posts shows). And once again, one of my famous blunders happened... I had launched into the sermon, and suddenly realised lots of people were trying to signal furiously at me - the radio mic wasn't working and I couldn't be heard (no bad thing, maybe!). After all, I thought I had turned on the mic - move the button on the top from 'mute' to the other setting, and away you go...

Alas, sadly I didn't realise that on the mic in Dollingstown, there is a hidden button on the inside to turn it on and off, before the mute button works! But I eventually managed to get it sorted, and continued with the sermon!

After that, it was over to the Bann Road Presbyterian for a barbecue after church - granted, we hadn't actually been to that church, but we had been to church! The food was good, the sun was bright, and the company was excellent. We then took a run over to Newcastle in the car, going over the Windy Gap, and coming back by the horse-shoe bend and Banbridge.

In the evening, then, we went to the service in the Bann Road church - Aaron Chestnut was speaking on 1 Peter 2 and 3 in a good, lengthy Bible exposition. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it might even come in useful, as the requirements for the Proc Trust Summer School include preparing a passage from 1 Peter to contribute to a discussion on it.

Yesterday I was at the John MacArthur conference 'A Passion for Preaching' at Newtownbreda Baptist church. The speakers were quite good, with Stephen Lawson being the best speaker in my opinion, bringing a helpful exposition of Nehemiah 8.

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  1. Aaron is a great bible teacher. I had the privilege of listening to him give a bible overview at Kilhorne C of I in Annalong.

    Its so good when a passage from the bible is explained and applied - God's voice is heard.