Sunday, June 25, 2006


Ok, so I'm not quite sure if there is such a word, but if not, then there is now! This weekend I have been attending several deaconings - yesterday in Londonderry, and tonight in Lurgan.

Yesterday's service was in St Columb's Cathedral, for the diocese of Derry & Raphoe, and David McBeth (as well as Katy McAteer and Mervyn Peoples) were ordained deacon. The Cathedral was packed, and the service was good. The preaacher was excellent - Mike Hull, the bishop of Bristol. However, the litany was sung - which seemed to last a lot longer than when it is said! The other slight downer was that people round me weren't singing... but I'm sure I made up for the whole back half of the cathedral! I had been in the cathedral several times to have a look around, but yesterday was the first time I had attended a service in the place.

Then tonight, the ordination of deacons (Paul Bates, Craig Cooney and Adrian Dorrian) took place in the Church of Christ the Redeemer, Parish of Shankill, Lurgan. Despite being a bit longer (this one was about 1 hour 45 minutes), it was slightly better than yesterday's! The preacher was Jim Rea, former Methodist President, and he was good - speaking on John 1:4-6.

The really crazy thing over these past couple of days has been in seeing the third years in collars and robes and all... as we release them into the wild (sounds a bit like Free Willy or something...). Please continue to pray for the guys as they begin their ministry in Bangor, Lurgan and Newtownards respectively.

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On other news, then... this morning we got a bit of an embarrassment, at the Dollingstown morning service. Before the service started, the announcement was flashed on the screens about our engagement and suddenly people wanted to see the ring and giving us good wishes and all... well, everyone except David Luckman who missed the screen! But it's all good!

Another reason to go over to Dollingstown was to see James Boyd preach, as he starts his official summer placement in the parish. James did really well, preaching on David and Goliath, and what we can learn from David.

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