Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Ball

There we are now... Not long home from the DDYC Ball, and felt I had to type something about it - to keep my fans happy. By fans, I mean those who think that what I write is utter nonsense, yet keep coming back to see what I've talked about next. You know who you are!!!

The Ball was really good tonight - it was held in the Cultra Manor, in the grounds of the Folk and Transport Museum. On arrival, we stood around outside for a while, watching the style arriving and talking to folks, before moving inside for the meal. Four courses later, and we were stuffed! However, the food wasn't the major excitement of the evening.

This year's event was shared with Knock Presbyterian Youth, who brought along some extra guests, namely the NI Fire and Rescue Service (Formerly known as the Fire Brigade)... The centre decoration on the tables was a mirror, with tea lights on it, and some of the fellas thought it would be fun to see how near they could hold their napkin to the flame. Yes, a minor fire started at their table. But it was quickly dealt with, by throwing their jug of water over the flames!

After the fire was put out, all was quiet (after the cheering had ceased), but it wasn't the end of the troubles - the fire alarm started, and went on for ages. It being an automatic system, the call went through to the Fire Station, and behold, the fire engine arrived! Eventually the alarm was turned off, and we could continue on with the meal... but for ages after, I could still hear the beeping of the alarm in my head!

The evening continued with some 'LOUD MUSIC' and dancing in a tiny room, but we stayed in the front hall and chatted, before coming away on home.

All this talk of the ball leads in to a question about Cinderella... Why is Cinderella no good at football? Well, because she has a pumpkin for a coach, and she keeps running away from the ball!

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