Monday, June 19, 2006

Divis Mountain

Always wanting to see new places, and to go different places, the other day Lynsey and me went up to Divis Mountain. The site had been used by the Security Forces during the Troubles, providing a good lookout spot over the whole of Belfast, but with the so-called peace we enjoy, it has been acquired by the National Trust for the use of all.

The big plus is that it is free - no admission charges, which generally for NT properties can be quite high. The bad news is that to see anything of Belfast, you have to go for a good long walk - maybe about 45 minutes, partly uphill. The end result, though, on a slightly overcast day, was the following:

The only other complaint I would have is that the paths are poorly marked. We set off on the path for Black Mountain, which most directly looks out over the city, and was the easiest route for walking, and shortest distance. However, at one point you're meant to leave the tarmac road and go along a path - which wasn't marked at all... So come on National Trust, get your act together and mark the paths, please!

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