Monday, June 26, 2006


Yesterday morning after church in Dollingstown, we had a message to do in Banbridge - one of those fun visits to family members that has to be done! But because we weren't sure if they would be out of church we had some time to kill, and went for a walk in Lurgan Park. If you have never been, I recommend a visit to the park - Lurgan has never looked so good - because you can't see the rough housing estates or the main street! The Park is huge and was originally part of the grounds of Lurgan Castle (otherwise known as Brownlow House, otherwise known as Lurgan Orange Hall, which is the Headquarters of the Royal Black Institution and the world's largest Orange Hall). There's even a lake, and good paths to follow, and a new kid's play area with water-spraying devices for the hot summer days!

But why is this posting entitled 'Squirrel', I hear you ask... Just as we entered the park from the Belfast Road end, we saw a grey squirrel under the trees at the side of the path. It saw us, and ran a bit closer, then stopped, looked about, ran behind a tree and out of the other side, and wasn't at all afraid. We must have watched it for about a minute. Sadly I didn't have my camera with me, as it would have made a good photograph.

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