Monday, June 12, 2006

The Stag Do

As you might know, Scott is getting married on Saturday, and I am the Best Man! In order to fulfill all the traditions, we went out for the obligatory 'stag do' on Saturday night, to Formula Karting in Newry. Altogether, there were nine of us, and we each got four races in the heats - the starting place varied each time so that you began in pole, second, third and fourth.

Due to a few skillful moves (ahem), and many mistakes by Standeley and tremendous swerves and spins by Dave, I managed to come second overall on points in the heats! We were then divided into two groups for the quarterfinals, which then gave the starting line-up for the semi-finals - I had pole. On the first corner, Standeley dunted me so hard that I spun right round and was facing the wrong way... The wee man had to come and get me turned again and I was away again. Brian was very gracious, and allowed me to pass him - having seen what Standeley had done to me, he thought he should give me a chance to get my own back in the final!

So in the final, I was at the back of the grid... but due to a few sneaky overtaking moves, as well as Standeley and Dave spinning a couple of times, I managed to come third. We even got medals for our effort! All in all, the winners were: 1st Ian Purdy, 2nd Charlie Sherwin, 3rd Gary McMurray.

From there, it was on to the Halfway for a meal - big steaks almost all round!


  1. Yes, Gary and you do drive the car in a similar manner to that of the kart. I actually let you beat me into third and graciously took 4th!

  2. I just cant believe that Gary didnt come first! Re: the dunt which left you in a spin, there was a perfectly clear gap for overtaking! When Gary saw me taking that gap he tried to close it and ended up bashing into me!