Friday, June 30, 2006

Father Adrian

I mentioned the other day in the Deaconing post about how strange it was to see the third years in collars and robes, actually out doing the work now... At that point, I didn't have the photo of Adrian from the camera, so here goes:
The reason I talk about it again, is that we were in Newtownards the other day and met up with Adrian. He was on his way to visit some parishoners, so was all dressed up (thankfully in a Presbyterian blue shirt)...

But all this begs the next question... how weird is it going to be when I wear my collar for the first time?!


  1. do you believe in all that collar rubbish???? sure your not a dog are you???

  2. why is Adrian wearing a red sash? instead of an orangeman, is he a redman? If so, what are redmen about?