Thursday, June 22, 2006

Diocesan Synod

Today was the Down and Dromore Diocesan Synod, held in Moira again. The venue for this current triennial is great, seeing as it is only about 6 miles from Dromore! And the halls in the new Moira Parish Centre are great for the Synod... if only all Church Halls were built on the Moira model with two minor halls, three meeting rooms and a main hall!

This year's Synod was slightly different, in that we started with the afternoon session for the main business, and then the evening session with a young person from each parish invited along. The evening session dealt with the topics of Confirmation and the emerging church (two separate issues, not necessarily Confirmation in the emerging church!). All in all, I think it was a useful day, and seemed to go quicker than the same meeting last year.

Today was also exciting in that I met my biggest fan... a lady called Catherine Murphy, from the parish of Ballymacarrett! So Catherine, hello, and keep on reading!


  1. You've been talking to Chris Lyttle, who is also a fan,though he'd never admit it! Can't say anything too bad about him as he's helping us in Ballymac to get our worship band up and running, and we're soooo lucky as he is the "hottest guitar player around", isn't that right Chris??


  2. i've heard that's cos he wears REALLY heavy jumpers, from synthetic fibres, which is why he gets so hot.