Thursday, June 08, 2006

Signs of summer

There are a few ways you can tell that summer is here, as I was reflecting earlier in the car. For one, the temperature rises, the sun shines, so that I venture out in shorts... (for which I got a bit of a slagging at choir practice earlier!). Normally, another sign that summer is here is that the football stops... except this summer, obviously, as the unmentionable WC begins tomorrow... no, don't worry, I'm not starting the Great Toilet Roll Prediction Competition (is it almost a year since that happened?), it is of course the World Cup, but I'm not really meant to mention it or watch it...

The main sign that summer is here, though, struck me as I was driving home from Dromara this afternoon. The farmers are trying their best to produce a bumper crop, as always, and so invest in applying some extra stuff to the fields... The other signs of summer were more visual, whereas this one goes for the tastebuds, as well as the smell bits in the nose... (olfactory glands - is that what they're called?). Yes, you've guessed it... the summer is here, because the slurry has been spread!

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