Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Systematics Exam!

And so the first exam is over and done. Now, most of you who read my blog will know my strong dislike of all things 'morning.' Yet the first exam (and two others), are at 9.30am, in Trinity College, slap bang in the centre of Dublin. So to be in for the early start, it was an even earlier start at CITC. To allow for random Luas stoppages, or traffic, or whatever, we decided we would leave at 7.30am - so that, if things went well we would be in Dublin for about 8am, and have some time to get breakfast and have a read over stuff, and get to the hall in good time.

And so it was that my alarm went off at 6.45am. As with any normal night, I had wakened a few times through the night, but managed to drag myself out of bed and met the others at the Student Door to head off. There wasn't actually much traffic about, and we managed to get to St Stephen's Green on the Luas for just about 8am.

The exam itself wasn't too bad, and out of the twelve questions on the paper, I found four that I could do. The ones I chose were: What are the problems with experience as the primary source for Christianity? Why did local theologies develop and what difference have they made to the practice of theology? Can the doctrine of the Trinity be found in the New Testament? Why is the resurrection of Jesus important for the Christian hope? - Answers on the back of a postcard, or in a comment box!

In order to forget about it a bit, and relax, I headed off in the car to Dun Laoghire. Most people only know it as the place to go to get on the boat for Wales, but it's actually a nice wee village as well, with a good pier and coastal walk to enjoy. It's one of my 'secret' getaway places, when I can escape from college for an hour or two. And it wasn't raining too hard, but as I type now it is raining soooooo hard!!!! Glad I'm inside again!

So the next exam is Old Testament, on Thursday morning, again at 9.30am. No doubt I'll talk about it in due time...

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