Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Revision Week One

So here we are, halfway through the first week of revision, and so far, I have done nothing! But there are very good reasons for it...

Monday past was a Bank Holiday in both Ireland and the UK, so I had decided I would spend it at home, with the family, probably go away somewhere, and that I would then return to Dublin that evening or Tuesday morning. So when I was coming home on Sunday, I left all my notes and stuff in college. That way, I could take the good of the holiday and not think about work.

An excellent plan. Until Sunday night, when I couldn't sleep due to a sore throat, sore head, and lots of phlegm. So Monday was spent in bed, rather than away with the family. I was so not well! Yesterday I was a bit better, and was able to get up and dressed, and even made it out to Tesco in the evening for a quick few messages. I probably could have done some revision, or at least got my files in shape. But as I say, all my stuff was in Dublin. So no work done.

And so we come to today - I had resolved that I would come back down and get cracking, but it hasn't happened so far. The lie-in until 11 couldn't have helped, then I had a message to do in Lisburn, and called into ICM on the way. So anyway, I got into college at about 4pm, and put all my notes into the correct files, but then we had the Communion service, and dinner. So still no proper revision done. I resolve to start now!!!

But first, I'll tell you about Sunday night. I was over at Magheralin, and enjoyed the opportunity of being there without being 'dressed up and sitting at the front.' It was great being a member of the congregation - until Gareth utilised me for prayer ministry at the end. But I didn't mind that! Going over there also meant that I got to see baby Annabelle again - and even got to hold her [by the way, Gareth, I hope she's doing ok and didn't catch anything off me on Sunday night?]. Annabelle is extremely advanced for her age - as is fitting the offspring of Gareth - and has her own blog, which you can visit by clicking: Annabelle.

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