Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Last Exam!

So here we go... the morning of the last exam, and just an hour to go until we start the paper. Normally I would be off getting breakfast somewhere in the city centre (as I did the mornings of the exams last week), but I managed to get breakfast this morning in college before we left. So I was left wondering what to do... and remembered the wee internet cafe on Grafton Street. So I'm here just checking emails etc before we meet up outside the exam room at about 8.45 for a final chat and revision!

My motivation for work is almost finished, but I just have to get through these next three hours, and write some coherent thoughts on the past two millenia of church history... The questions I'll do depends on what questions come up - the paper will be in three sections - the early church to Constantine; the medieval period; the reformation. We have to do four questions in total, at least one from each section... so I'm not sure which my 'favourite' section is going to be, in which I do two questions. Possibly the reformation, if good questions come up. We'll see!!!

I'll write more on the whole exam thing later, after I get it done.

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  1. Hope that it all goes well for you bro. Mark.