Saturday, May 27, 2006

General Update

Hm... so what to talk about... There's nothing 'big' to report since my last posting about the exam the other day... and yet I feel that the blog is a waste if I'm not putting something on it...

So yesterday I had a nice bit of a relaxing day, having a nice lie in, and then went to Bangor. I didn't go on the swans this time, but had a look into the bookshops etc and got a few wee bargains. Then I got the great news that Lynsey is coming home next Saturday for the summer, so I can't wait for that!

Last night there was a band parade in Dromore, and took a walk up the street to see who was about, and see some bands. the best, by far, was Mourne Young Defenders, who are taking meldoy fluting and good parading to the next level. They were even selling a dvd, so I have it now, but ain't had a chance to watch it yet.

Today then was another bit of a lie in, then away to Newtownards with me ma... she does like to go places most Saturdays. So I had a wander about there, had a look into the bookshops (you might have guessed, of course!)...

Very soon, then, I'm heading out to go for bowling at the Odyssey for Jordan's 21st birthday... is it ethical to beat the birthday boy at bowling??? We'll find out later on!

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