Monday, May 29, 2006

Exam Three

Hurray!!! We're more than halfways through now!!! Today's exam was Liturgy, and wasn't as bad as I expected... I really didn't know what would come up, and some fo the questions were a bit tricky... e.g. 'Discuss the differences between the 1549 Book of Common Prayer and the 1552 Book of Common Prayer (ok - so the question is fine so far...) in the service of Morning Prayer' (aaaaaaaagh!!!) Nightmare question!

But even with that, I managed to find four of the eight questions that I could attempt and think I've done enough to pass this one. The questions I attempted were (roughly): 1. Give a definition of worship and its role in the socialisation of church members. 6. Identify the following quotation (from the Didache) and write a commentary on it. (The passage was the eucharistic thanksgiving prayers from the early church in Syria). 7. Compare and contrast the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements. 8. Comment on the word 'common' in relation to the 1549 Book of Common Prayer.

So that's Liturgy done and dusted. The next exam now is tomorrow afternoon, when we turn our attention to the New Testament... this one should be ok, cos all the answers are in the Bible we're supplied with!

[On other matters... to answer the girls, yes, I am indeed so so so so random, but sure, that's me!!!]

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