Tuesday, May 15, 2007

All work and no play...

Would drive me insane! I know that the impression from my blogging is that I'm doing no revision at all, but that is far from the case. Today I managed to get my Hermeneutics revision done - so just some Old Testament and then Ethics to finish off now.

To prevent us from going mad, Robert and myself went off to Dundrum this afternoon to the cinema. It's so handy to have the centre and cinema very close. Means we have a place of escape! With the jokes and criticisms from the other students, we went to see Mr Bean's Holiday. Yes, it was at 4.20pm in the afternoon. Yes, we were the only non-child-accompanied adults, but we didn't care!

The film is quite funny, although I think the funniest bits had already been shown in the trailers. The best bit of the Bean film was that we didn't have to think at all, or keep up with a complicated plot. We just had to laugh! When your head is full to bursting of stuff being stored up for exams, it's good to just relax and not think for a while.

Tomorrow will be another day of revision. But tonight will be a time of relaxation!

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