Monday, May 14, 2007

Exam nearness

This time next week, the first exam will have been done. I'll be into the swing of writing non-stop for two or three hours. The first one will be forgotten almost immediately as the next one comes the following day. Then the rest will come speeding through.

But for now, I revise and relax. Managed to get five topics covered today, which was good. Then this afternoon walked over to Nutgrove Shopping Centre as the ink on my printer was low. Nice sunny day. A day for ice cream as we walked back. And the rain came on as we were in the centre. Amazingly it stopped as we started walking back; and started raining again when we got back. So a dry walk back - except for when Robert hit a tree and the leaves yielded the water lying on them!

Soon it will be time for a hot chocolate - our way of relaxing and socialising in college. The problems of the church and world are resolved over our cup of hot chocolate. And good times are had.

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