Thursday, May 24, 2007

Halfway through!

It is with joy that I can say that I'm now halfway through this period of exams. Today's effort was Ethics, in the Regent House at Trinity - the very front building at the main gates. See the big huge window over the main door? That's where our exam was. With all the tourists walking underneath us, and all the buses and traffic going past. Here:

The exam was fine. The first part was two case studies (out of a choice of four), where we had to identify the ethical issues involved, and then advise the people concerned. One that I did was where the health care providers wanted to place a 'Do Not Resuscitate' order on an 82 year old man because of failed health, lots of things wrong with him, and he was unable to communicate. His family wanted to keep him alive, believing that God could heal him. Discuss.

The second that I looked at was a Hindu termination case - seeking to apply Hindu bioethics to the situation concerned. Interesting stuff!

Given this grounding in medical ethics (on a ministry course?), I'll be able to discuss the big thorny ethical issues with Lynsey... won't that be romantic?!

The second section of the exam were more straightforward essays - I chose to do the ones looking at changes in society and how they affect ethical beliefs; and on the differences between Christian and secular ethics.


As a bit of a wind down, I ended up going to Dundrum cinema straight after lunch to see 'Pirates of the Caribbean' 3. While the others weren't fussed, I thought it was an ok film. Similar funny moments to the previous films, but lots of complications. Using the rules of a trilogy from Scream 3, it appears that this is indeed a trilogy film. But having said that, they may have opened the way up for a fourth film in the series... who's to say.

Now it's back to the study for the next exam, now just 13 and a half hours away. Christology and Hermeneutics. Two questions from each. Then it will be home for the weekend and some relaxation!

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  1. Hi gary

    Thanks for your return comment on my blog.

    No you can put a thank you on mine so that I can put another on yours - mutual backslappng for ever!

    Seriously though, your quote from Daniel was very timely, and was corroborated by the fact I was looking at that passage today anyway in connection with something completely different. So I do believe it was from God, and it hit the spot.