Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Six down, none to go!

It is with great joy that I can report that my exams are finished! The last one was this morning - Church History, and it seemed to go all right. Church History in second year is a composite course, made up of several different sections. Section A is the Church of Ireland from 1660 to 1800; Section B (in teaching chronology) is the Church of Ireland from 1800 to 1870; and Section C is the Roman Catholic experience in the 19th century.

With the three hour paper, there are four questions to be done. We had to answer one question from each section, then an extra one from the section of our choice. Surprisingly, my extra question was from the Catholic section, which I hadn't greatly revised, but could remember a good bit about. (One of the questions I had planned to do in another section didn't come up as I had hoped).

So that's it. Second year done and dusted - just the exam results to get now. But I'm not homeward bound just yet. There are still some things to attend to tomorrow. First off is my viva voce. Roughly forty minutes talking about my pastoral experiences this year, and combining the whole course together. Then later in the day we have the closing Eucharist of the year, then dinner at the Principal's. There'll be lots of other stuff to do as well - packing up what I'm taking home, and moving up what I'm leaving in college. Room 38 and the final year, here I come!

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