Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Suits You, Sir

To mark my birthday, and also because I'm always very hard to buy presents for, the parentals decided to buy me a new suit. That being the case, there was only one place to go. For as long as I have been buying suits, I have been a customer of the same place, and now recommend them to you, my readers.

Collar and Tie in Lisburn is the best place to buy suits! Raymond, the guy who always advises me knows his stuff, having been in the suit business for a long time. He's also good craic, and keeps us entertained while I try on the various styles. But the best thing has to be their prices. Go and see for yourself, but let's just say that for the price marked on the suit alone, I was taking away the suit, two shirts and ties, socks, and a new pair of black shoes.

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