Friday, May 04, 2007

Irish drivers!!!

It seems that on my last few journeys northwards, I've encountered at least one driver on each occasion that amazed me with their stupidity, or just poor driving. As I drive along, I've formulated the blog posting, but then when I get home, the offence doesn't seem too bad, and the delights of being home press the posting out of my mind.

Until last night's experience! The M50 ring road motorway around Dublin was quite busy - bumper to bumper, but we were travelling at about 60 mph. I was in the outside lane, although both lanes were travelling at roughly the same speed. knowing the dangers of a motorway pile-up, I made sure that I had left at least a car length or more between me and the car in front. Only a fool breaks the two second rule, and all that.

The Ford car behind me was right on my bumper. Basically, I could see what she had had for breakfast that morning from her teeth as she was so close behind me. If I braked at all, we would be exchanging insurance details - if we were lucky. So I made sure that there was the good gap in front.

All of a sudden, we came to a space in the traffic on the inside lane of maybe the length of a car and a half. The car behind accelerates leftwards into this tiny gap. I think - that's good, they're pulling off at the next exit, moving over in good time, I'll not be bothered by them any more. Boy was I wrong! Their manoeuvre wasn't over. They kept accelerating and suddenly lunged right again, into the little bit of space between me and the car in front. My braking distance was gone, with the car invading it! Rage!

Another thing I've noticed is that drivers seem to think it is their right to sit in the outside lane, no matter what speed they're driving at. So they sit at 60mph, or maybe even (as I saw one day) 50mph on a motorway which the speed limit for is the equivalent of 76mph (speed limits are in kilometres per hour in the Republic of Ireland - motorways are 120 km/h). Yet if you encourage them to move over, or decide to pass on the inside, then they get all cross and look at you as if you're in the wrong!!! I just don't know.

I wonder if it has something to do with the way they learner to drive in Ireland. Learner drivers with their L Plates up can merrily drive about on their own! It can't be helpful for learning good driving skills.

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  1. Hi Gary, great piece.
    I drive for a living and regularly drive the M50, and believe me when I say your experience was tame compared to the idiocy I see.

    John P