Thursday, December 31, 2009

December Review

It's now the final day of December, and the last day of 2009. By the end of tonight, we'll have had 41 posts in December, and 456 in 2009.

December is obviously the month of Christmas, which was adequately covered on the blog, in the form of adbusting a very expensive Christmas, carol singing, street evangelism, home Communions, the possibility of a white Christmas, and the visit.

Christmas also featured in my reading this month. We had Joy to the World: Preaching the Christmas Story, and Can Reindeer Fly? The Science of Christmas. Earlier in the month we also reviewed Richard Coekin's book Our Father and we just got the review for John Grisham's The Associate in before the end of the year.

There were a few Christmas sermons in my preaching too, from John 1, Luke 2, and Titus 2. Additional sermons were from Ephesians 5, and Job 42. From Hebrews, there were a few articles on Christians falling away and on eagerly waiting.

On the music front, there were various features, ranging from the condemnation of Britney's new thing, to the commendation of Daniel Renstrom's album, via spending Christmas with Hayley Westenra.

My favourite blog post of the year was Stafford Carson's word of the week. A wee bit of Ulster Scots never harmed anybody!

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