Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gospel Cheer on a Frosty Morning

It was -1 Celsius this morning as we ventured out onto the streets of Dundonald to proclaim the gospel. Well wrapped up, we were spreading the warmth of the Lord Jesus in the cold village.

The method was simple, but effective. Another expression of grace as we had a huge tin of sweets for people to enjoy their favourite Quality Street or Miniature Heroes, as well as invitations to our Carol Service (tomorrow afternoon at 4pm) and the other Christmas services, and 'The Real Christmas' gospel booklet from the Christianity Explored resources.

We had three teams out on the streets for almost two hours, some doing door to door work, and others engaging in walk up work, beginning conversations with passersby. Lots of interesting conversations and connections made with people from the community. A gentle reminder that St Elizabeth's isn't an isolated community uninterested in the village, but that we're seeking to make an impact in our local area, to see Christ honoured in Dundonald and Belfast.

Simple acts of grace (or random acts of kindness) can be so shocking - one man couldn't get over the fact that we were giving away something for nothing, even something so simple as a wee chocolate. Others were looking for a new church and may come along. Others were pleased to see us taking an interest, and braving the freezing temperatures for the Lord Jesus. At least my fingers didn't freeze to the metal of the chocolate tin!

Most people we spoke to took away a portion of God's word in The Real Christmas leaflet - our prayer is that (even unknown to us), some may be converted through being exposed to the pure and plain gospel, and they will truly worship the Lord Jesus, the light of the world.

And so to bed before the carol service tomorrow.

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