Sunday, December 20, 2009

A White Christmas?

Snowy Sunday Morning
Originally uploaded by Garibaldi McFlurry.

Could we yet have a white Christmas? This morning we woke to the sights of a light covering of snow which fell overnight. As I write, it's just coming on again - very festive for our Carol Service this afternoon, although perhaps not if some people can't make it by car or foot, and especially if some of our older people don't venture out in the frosty snowy weather.

The last White Christmas I can remember was in 2004, when Dromore got a nice snowfall for Christmas Day. Can we get the same this year in Dundonald?


  1. Quite happy for Dundonald to have all Dromore's snow this year, speaking as one from Dromore who can't get the car out of the driveway. Speaking also as one who slipped and slided the whole way to church this morning and then had to run the gauntlet of snowballers on the way home.

  2. Hey MrsMcF! We decided to walk to church as well, as our avenue was a winter wonderland... the rest of the way there was just slushy and wet. We had snowballers too - the non-Church kids who come along to youth group on Sunday nights. About ten of them lined up and they all missed us completely! I think it was more down to them being bad shots rather than any special protection, though. All away now :(