Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Flickr seems to be cropping up a lot in my posting these days. It is probably the best photo hosting website community in the world, with a staggering 7 million photos uploaded each day (Flickr reckons there's roughly 5000 every minute). The community aspects are great, so it's really nice when people comment on your photos and appreciate what you've been trying to do.

Flickr have a special (and infuriating) feature called Explore, using their unique programme of 'interestingness' to find the most interesting photos uploaded each day. Out of the 7 million, 500 make it into Explore. The ratings seem to be based on comments, favourites, speed of comments, who commented (friends or those who aren't your contacts), number of groups added to, and a few other factors too.

My last Explored photo was Belfast by night from Hallowe'en 2008, but I have great delight in presenting to you my latest Explored photo, taken on the night of the Flickrmeet at the Continental Market:

Metro Wheel Reflection

Belfast Wheel reflected in the windscreen of a Metro bus which just happened to be sitting in the right place at the right time - with no driver!

In other photography news, it appears that we're going ahead with the 365 challenge. Ali has even been recruiting more people to take part! Anyone else going to join in?


  1. Yes, I think we're going ahead, although your pics will be snazzy and arty and lovely taken with a fab camera, and mine will be snaps taken at some point during the day on the iPhone!

    Only one recruit so far, but hopefully more to follow

  2. That's a great picture Gary and well worthy of being 'explored'.

  3. Ali, my pictures aren't always snazzy and arty and lovely - even when taken with the big camera! I can see some days when it'll be the iPhone camera for me as well... maybe that would be more of a challenge - an iPhone 365?