Thursday, December 24, 2009

McFlurry's McLinks (11)

Here's the final McFlurry's McLinks of 2009, unless there's a flood of blog material between now and New Year's Eve. Some highlights and some challenging reads from the blogosphere:

It's Advent, and Advent seems to bring out the best in some preachers. Ian Poulton discusses the Great Divorce, and the return of Jesus, Kelvin Holdsworth distorts the words of a Santa song to warn of Jesus' return, while Dave Keen links to lots of Advent resources.

On a Christmas theme: Unashamed Workman highlights some challenges in Christmsa preaching, Jessica Melling has a great Christmas present idea, James Cary considers the comedy of Christmas, and Dave Keen has a health and safety assessment of some traditional Christmas songs.

Stuff Christians Like continues in top form, wishing there was a Christian version of Lady GaGa, inviting people to church, boxes, and the use of social media, and this fine piece of work on the most dangerous days of the year.

The Simple Pastor warns that Ministry can kill relationships. Irish Calvinist discusses living out your theology, as well as sharing a news story of a man saved from a cess pool.

The Ugley Vicar asks is the Bible anti-gay? Stafford Carson, Presbyterian Moderator indulges in a spot of Anglican prayer.

On a photography theme in the run-up to my 365 project commencing, check out these unusual angles.

On this Christmas Eve, UCCF have a great Christmas video:


  1. On the subject of 365, I created a new blog for posting my pics as did Judy big you let me know where you are going to publish your photos I'll add a link To it on my 365 blog

    merry Christmas to you :-)

  2. Ah, good thinking Ali. I'll have to set one up although all the photos will also appear on Flickr. Will let you know the address in due time!