Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sing Carols

The Marks and Spencer Christmas advert invites celebrities to fill in the blanks: 'Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without...' For me, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without carol singing. A great, traditional, culturally acceptable method of celebrating Christmas, reminding ourselves of the good news, and spreading that good news in the local area.

Yet in previous years, it seems that the carollers from St E's have found some Scrooges in the village. Adults and children alike have heard rude words as they have knocked on doors. Oops.

Which is why this year we're turning things on their head as we go out carol singing. We're not collecting money, we're not asking for anything. Instead, our carol singing is an expression of grace. While our big team is singing Christmas carols, some pairs are going to knock doors, not to get but to give - a little treat, as well as gospel literature and an invitation to our carol service on Sunday.

The routes have been planned, the song sheets are almost ready to be printed, the tracts have been purchased, and the coats and scarves will be put on, ready for 7.30pm, meeting at the Church halls. Want to come along? You're very welcome to join the singing of the birth of our Saviour!

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