Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Green Christmas

Bing Crosby sang about a White Christmas. Elvis Presley sang about a Blue Christmas. This year, I think we had a green Christmas.

The motto has been around for a while now - reduce, reuse, recycle.

It was certainly a reduced Christmas for us. First of all, we didn't get round to posting out Christmas cards. Things were a bit hectic and we didn't get round to buying or writing the Christmas cards. So while it means a little less revenue for Royal Mail, it also means less paper and card consumption.

As well as this, the Christmas cards that we received this year were a lot smaller than in previous years. Many of them would have been A6 size or even smaller. So while the number of cards received may have been something similar (or maybe even slightly more), the actual paper used to produce the cards will have been less.

We also didn't use as many Christmas lights this year - last year I had strung some lights up the handrail of the stairs, but I didn't bother this year, leading to less electricity being needed.

What ways did you seek to produce a green Christmas? What more can we do next year for a better environmentally-friendly Christmas celebration?

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