Thursday, April 28, 2005

Bane or blessing?

This is just something I was thinking about recently... are computers harmful or useful; are they a bane or a blessing? Computers are becoming so much a part of our existence, with people communicating more and more by email; more business and commerce being done over the internet; internet banking being a more popular option, and the expectation that any successful business or individual will have access to the internet, or a website... But is all this good or bad?

The potential for bad exists - as in all things, even if their original intentions were for good, humans will find ways of corrupting them, prompted, no doubt by the chief liar himself... and so we see things like hackers, and people accessing other people's bank accounts etc and cleaning out the money in them. Also, the amount of filth that can circulate on the net, through dodgy websites; people not being honest in chatrooms and targetting youngsters; and all the other host of bad things that can happen. And, there's also the fact that the internet can be addictive, combined with the fact that time seems to go a lot quickler when you're online, leading to the possibility for an awful lot of time being wasted sitting staring at the screen (with the possible health risks to the eyes that this contains...).

But there is also a huge potential for good! I wouldn't agree with the Ebay community values where they say that 'people are basically good', or that it is possible to 'bring out the best in people'. As a Calvinist, I would rather believe in the Total Depravity of man, in that there is nothing inherently good in man - I know this from my own experience of myself, and with the backing of Romans 3, which tells us that 'all have sinned', and that there is 'no one righteous'.

And yet, fallen sinners that we are, the internet can be used for good, as we seek to spread the wonderful message of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, which opened the way to heaven to those who believe, giving forgiveness of sins and eternal life. It is to this good end that I intend to continue using this blog. I am a Christian, unashamedly, and therefore must spread the good news of the Gospel to those around me, in whatever ways I have at my disposal - one of which is the internet!

Which brings me to an interesting website... It turns out that last Sunday, 24th April, was designated as 'Internet Evangelism Day' Why not check it out, and get inspired to spread the word through the net?

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