Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I realise this is a huge topic that won't ever be covered in one posting, but I might as well make a start on it...

One of my favourite authors is John Grisham, because I find that all of hisbooks are interesting, and gripping, in that once I start one, I have to finish it, and find out what happens... I got into Grisham rather late, with the effect that most of his books had been published by the time I started reading him (maybe 3 years ago). As far as I can remember, it was Dave Lowry who got me started on them, so thanks Dave!

Perhaps my favourite one of the lot is 'The Testament'. This is the story of a lawyer who goes to a remote part of Brazil to try to find a woman who is a missionary, and has been included in her father's will. Again, maybe I like it more because it combines faith in the telling of the story, as in the sacred oratorios (see the posting entitled 'Music').

Among Christian writers, my favourites include Fred Leahy, and Don Carson. They bring a depth of clarity, and sound exegesis of the Bible. Another writer I like, but who has passed on from this world is JC Ryle, the first Bishop of Liverpool. His commentaries on the Gospels are particularly good, with insights and illustrations on virtually every verse.

At present, I have started the Left Behind series, having completed book 2 last week. I'm not sure what to make of it, although the writing itself is similar to Grisham's in the gripping page-turning style. No doubt there'll be a lot of discussions with friends as to the whole area of the second coming... although if St Malachy's prophecy is true, then there will only be one more pope after the current one. Which leads to the question: Are you ready for the second coming of Jesus, not as a baby, but as King and Judge?

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