Friday, April 22, 2005

Brussels part three

So here I am, yet again in an internet cafe, as I hadn't much else to do tonight. The rest of the group are having an easy night in the hotel, but I thought I would take another wee jaunt out on the metro, so I might as well add a wee bit more while I'm here...

Dinner earlier was good but I possibly ate too much... the starter was some sort of cheese in breadcrumb type thing, then main course was chicken and ham in a pancake with chips. Then for dessert, they brought out these huge waffles with cream on top... although thankfully this time I didn't put any of it down me... That would have been too much given my earlier performance.

And the city carries on into the night... one thing that struck me the other week when in Dublin city late on was that there were more people about Grafton Street at after 11pm than you would find on the busiest day in Dromore. And it seems to be the same in Brussels, with lots of people hanging about the streets and riding the metro system. I suppose I maybe should have explained in the first report, but the Metro is an underground system like the tube in London, with trains every 5 minutes through the day, and every 10 minutes or so at night. Rather impressive! However, once the buzzer sounds to say the doors are closing, they do, whether you're in or not!

Tomorrow is our flight home in the evening, so I think we'll have some time in the morning to look about the shops or whatever. Thankfully it's a straight run from the airport to home, up the new M1, so it shouldn't take too long.

Then Sunday will be the usual busy day, but with a minor variation. Instead of the evening service and YF, the YF is going to Shankill Parish in Lurgan for an event called 'Awe', billed as a pre-taste of Summer Madness.

Then the following Sunday night we're hosting Primrose Leahy, a missionary from Kosova, who will share a bit of what she does out there (other than be on msn some afternoons!)... Coming along as well will be our friends from Stewartstown, Albany and Brigh Youth Fellowship. For those who haven't heard of these places, they are in County Tyrone, sort of near Cookstown!

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