Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Well, now, just before my blog completely dies of neglect, I've been prompted to write something in it to keep it better up to date. (Thanks Dave, for your concern!)

So what have I been up to since last I wrote? Easter has come and gone, but we're still living in the joy of the resurrection, which guaranteed that we can be freed from our sins, and be restored to God's salvation! Easter was a busy time in the Cathedral, but even with a new service time, we had a big crowd out, sharing in Communion.

I was preaching a couple of times during Holy Week, and it seemed to go well... maybe I'll get the sermon texts up here in the next few days...

Last week I had an enjoyable time in Dublin, where I saw Handel's Messiah being performed by the UCD Choral Scholars. The whole evening was very good, and well worth the 120 mile trek south...

I'll write again in the very near future... I promise!

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