Saturday, April 23, 2005

Brussels part four

This is definitely the last posting from Brussels, and as it would turn out, it may well be the quickest I have been able to type, finally knowing where all the keys are...

In case you think I was bluffing, here is the layout of the French keyboard:
A Z E R T Y U I O P ¨ *
Q S D F G H J K L M %
< W X C V B N ? . / +

Also, to get numbers, you have to use shift, as the number keys are primarily used for:
& é " ' ( § è ! ç à )

Talk about annoying! Normally at home I can almost type automatically, without thinking where the keys are, but here it was completely different. But afer 4 days, I am used to it! Now when I get home I won't be able to use the 'proper' keyboard for a while...

What else is there to say from Brussels? I have my case packed and ready at the hotel, so i am in the city centre or a final walk around, grab a bite of lunch, then meet up with the group at central station for the bus run out to the airport.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being here again, and would recommend anyone to come and see what it is like. And to my msn buddies... I'll see you again soon!

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