Monday, April 25, 2005

Home again!

What a busy first day back in Northern Ireland! Yesterday we had early Communion, then the 10am modern service and the 11.30am traditional service, then later on, we had 'Awe' - the Summer Madness worship event in Shankill Church, Lurgan.

And Monday seems to be a a busy day as well, with monitoring from the Brussels trip, meetings, and then my Irish History class tonight. This is one of my most enjoyable parts of my work, having researched the history of Ireland (trying to explode the myths on both sides). We have a 9 week course, walking through the landscape of history from the earliest days to the modern days.

We're also hoping to publish the research in a book, though an offer of funding from the Community Relations Council, but more details of that later on, when I have gotten through the painful process of editing conducted by my boss, and later by CRC...

More posts will follow when I have time - thank you to all those who have already read my ramblings so far. If you also have a blog or a website, email me the link and I'll try and include your link on here somewhere! Or if you can suggest topics for me to talk about, I'll certainly consider them.

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